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Location:       Dar al Gani, Sahara, Libya  27°22.17'N 16°11.93'E

Found: 1998 March 10

Type: Lunar meteorite (anorthositic breccia)

Apollo 17 Astronaut posing with Lunar
anortositic breccia, Taurus-Littrow Valley

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Rock 79135, anortositic breccia
from Taurus-Littrow Valley

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Description: A 1.425 kg stone was found in Dar al Gani in the Libyan Sahara. Classification and description (J. Zipfel, MPI): the meteorite is partly covered with a brownish fusion crust; fresh surfaces are gray to dark gray; matrix is well consolidated; clasts include subophitic and fine-grained to microporphyritic impact-melt breccias, granulitic fragments, intergranularly recrystallized anorthosites, and mineral fragments; chemical and O isotope composition is characteristic of lunar highland meteorites (Zipfel et al., 1998b); abundances and composition of noble gases do not suggest a pairing with DaG 262 (Scherer et al., 1998b). For further details, see Zipfel et al. (1998b). Type specimen and two polished sections are with the MPI; main mass with finder.

Other references:

Zipfel J., Spettel B., Palme H., Wolf D., Franchi I., Sexton A. S., Pillinger C. T., and Bischoff A. (1998) Dar al Gani 400: Chemistry and petrology of the largest lunar meteorite. Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 33, A171.
Bukovanska M., Dobosi G., Brandstätter F., and Kurat G. (1999) Dar al Gani 400: Petrology and geochemistry of some major lithologies, Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 34, A21.
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