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This is a simple order form that generates an unsecure email to the Meteorite Market at our email address "meteoritemarket@gmail.com" in your email program. When you click on the "submit" button, your email program should open a new email with the order information that you typed into the form.

This is not a shopping cart. You don't need to fill out this form to order a meteorite. It just opens an email with the information I need for your order.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are using webmail, a smart phone or tablet, this form may not work. You might have to just send a regular email to meteoritemarket@gmail.com



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Special shipping instructions. We normally ship by mail, but we can send orders via FedEx, Express Mail, or by other means.  All shipping methods now include tracking, but security and speed of delivery vary.

(My shipping program requires a phone number for international or FedEx shipping.)

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Do not put your Credit Card number on this page. It is not secure. We will send a secure credit card entry page on confirmation of your order.

When we receive your email we will email you back with the availability and the cost of shipping and the total for the order. Shipping is charged at the cost of mailing and insurance plus $2. If some items are not available, we may suggest others or ask you if you would like to pick a substitute. We will also tell you how to make the payment.  

Before you click submit, please note: This form just opens an email. You have not sent anything until you send an email from your regular email program. If this form does not open an email, then contact us at meteoritemarket@gmail.com

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Contact us by e-mail. This is the preferred way to contact us.

Contact us by phone: 1-907-723-9895. We welcome calls when they are practical, but because of time zone differences and the fact that someone knowledgeable is not always available, we prefer e-mail. Ask for Eric Twelker, or leave a message in his voice mail box.

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