For Sale IconNWA 12269 (Paired) Martian Meteorites for Sale

Location: Sahara Desert, exact location unknown.

Found: 2018

Classification: Achondrite, Martian Shergottite

Description: Petrography : Relatively fine grained with intersertal texture. Composed predominantly of zoned clinopyroxene and maskelynite (some exhibiting a curved, narrow lath-like habit) with accessory fine grained intergrowths of hedenbergite+fayalite+silica, Fe-Ti oxides, merrillite and pyrrhotite. Geochemistry : Subcalcic augite (Fs 24.8-41.8 Wo 31.4-24.3 , FeO/MnO = 30-33, N = 3), ferropigeonite (Fs 66.9-73.0 Wo 16.6-16.5 , FeO/MnO = 41-43, N = 2), maskelynite (An 51.9-53.1 Or 1.3-1.2 , N = 2). Classification : Martian (shergottite, fine-intersertal)

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#NWA12269-340 #NWA12269-349 #NWA12269-369 #NWA12269-397 About Scale:  Each photo has a small one centimeter cube.  That's a little less than a half inch on a side.  The coin above is a US dime.
Weight: .0.340 gm Weight: .0.349 gm Weight: .0.369 gm Weight: 0.397 gm
Features: End Features: Part slice Features: Part slice Features: Part slice
Price: $107 Price: sold Price: sold $124

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#NWA12269-461 #NWA12269-584 #NWA12269-680 #NWA12269-700 #NWA12269-741
Weight: 0.461 gm Weight: 0.584 gm Weight: 0.680gm Weight: 0.700gm Weight: 0.741gm
Features: Part slice Features: Part slice Features: Part slice Features: Part slice Features: Part slice
sold $180 sold $215 sold

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#NWA12269-846 #NWA12269-919 #NWA12269-1-036 # NWA12269-1-089 # NWA12269-1-495
Weight: 0.846 gm Weight: 0.919 gm Weight: 1.036 gm Weight: 1.089 gm Weight: 1.495 gm
Features: Slice Features: Part slice Features: Part slice Features: End Features: Slice
$259 sold sold Price: $332 Price: sold

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# NWA12269-1-497 # NWA12269-3-144 #NWA12269-3-348 #NWA12269-6-532
Weight: 1.497 gm Weight: 3.144 gm Weight: 3.348 gm Weight: 6.532 gm
Features: Part slice Features: Slice Features: Slice Features: Slice
Price: sold Price: $948 $1009 $1965