For Sale IconNWA1951 Mesosiderite C Meteorites for Sale

Location: Northwest Africa, exact location unknown.

Found: 2003

Type: Mesosiderite-C

Description: Several stones totaling 17 kg of the same meteorite were purchased in Talsit in 2003 April and May. Classification and mineralogy (A. Jambon and O. Boudouma, UPVI): breccia consisting of orthopyroxene clasts (> 5 mm) and orthopyroxene-rich matrix with rare plagioclase. No lithic plagioclase or olivine clasts were observed. Metal is bimodal, mm-sized large blebs and small spots in matrix. Orthopyroxene, FeO/MnO = 30.4, En68Fs30Wo2; plagioclase, An89-92; low-Ni metal; troilite, Ca-phosphate, silica. Mineral modes: metal, 25 vol%, troilite, 5 vol%, plagioclase, ~3 vol%, orthopyroxene, 63.3 vol%. A mesosiderite tentatively assigned to class C as NWA 1827.  Pairing of the two was suggested by T. Bunch although NWA 1827 does contain plagioclase clasts.

Link to Meteoritical Bulletin Database.

# NWA1951-5-41 # NWA1951-6-0 # NWA1951-6-1 # NWA1951-6-2 About Scale:  Each photo has a small one centimeter cube.  That's a little less than a half inch on a side.  The coin above is a US dime.
Weight: 5.4 gm Weight: 6.0 gm Weight: 6.1 gm Weight: 6.2 gm
Features: Part slice. Features: Part slice. Features: Part slice. Features: Part slice.
$140 sold $158 $160

# NWA1951-8-3 # NWA1951-8-9 # NWA1951-9-4 # NWA1951-9-7 # NWA1951-10-3
Weight: 8.3 gm Weight: 8.9 gm Weight: 9.4 gm Weight: 9.7 gm Weight: 10.3 gm
Features: Part slice. Features: End. Features: Part slice. Features: Part slice. Features: Part slice.
$213 $228 $240 $248(hold) $263

# NWA1951-10-7 # NWA1951-24-2 # NWA1951-28-3 # NWA1951-42-1
Weight: 10.7 gm Weight: 24.2 gm Weight: 28.3 gm Weight: 42.1 gm
Features: Part slice. Features: Slice. Features: Slice. Features: Slice.
$273 sold sold sold