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Location: Northwest Africa. Purchased in Rissani, Morocco.

Found: 2000.

Classification: Rumuruti Chondrite (R3.9)

Description: 12 kg of this meteorite in many pieces was purchased in Rissani in 2001 January. It was probably found in the Kem Kem region. Classification and mineralogy (A. Sokol and A. Bischoff, Mün): the sample appears to be unbrecciated in tin section: olivine, Fa38.6±3.2 (range Fa20-41, n=36); Ca-poor pyroxene, Fs20.3±4.0(range Fs8-30, n=24); Ca-pyroxene, Fs9.1±0.5 Wo47.6±1.8; plagioclase, An11.4±1.7; shock stage, S2; weathering grade, W2, making it one of the freshest R chondrites besides Rumuruti; sulfides are well preserved.

Note: I have much more of this that isn't shown here.

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# NWA753-3-2 # NWA753-3-4 # NWA753-3-6 # NWA753-4-3 About Scale:  Each photo has a small one centimeter cube.  That's a little less than a half inch on a side.  The coin above is a US dime.
Weight: 3.2gm Weight: 3.4gm Weight: 3.6gm Weight: 4.3gm
Features: Part slice Features: Part slice Features: Part slice Features: Part slice
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# NWA753-4-4 # NWA753-5-1 # NWA753-26-6 # NWA753-36-7 # NWA753-38-1
Weight: 4.4gm Weight: 5.1gm Weight: 26.6 gm Weight: 36.7 gm Weight: 38.1 gm
Features: Part slice Features: Part slice Features: Fragment, crust Features: End Features: Fragment, crust
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