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Location: Tanna Tuva, Tuvinskaya, Russia, 51° 3' 30"N, 94° 24' 0"E

Found: 1913.

Classification: Iron, ungrouped (Ataxite)

Description: Many masses--including individuals up to 20kg--of total weight about 80kg were found in the Chinga stream, a tributary of the Upper Yenisey from the Tannu Ola Mountains. Analysis; 16.38% Ni, 0.181 ppm Ga, 0.082 ppm Ge, 3.6 ppm Ir. Many of the specimens are strongly oxidized, and some have the torn appearance characteristic of fragments from meteoritic craters such as Canyon Diablo and Henbury. It is thought that this fall was associated with a crater that has disappeared through erosion, or perhaps has simply passed unnoticed. Fieldwork in 1963 failed to find any crater. Fragments of metal with 16.37% Ni found in the alluvium of the upper Argolik River, Tuva district, are now attributed to the Chinga fall. From Catalogue of Meteorites (2000).

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