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Location: Morocco/Western Sahara (26°40.044’N, 11°40.637’W)

Found: 24 May 2013.

Classification: Carbonaceous chondrite (CM2).

Description: History: In early June 2013, A. Bouferra, a meteorite hunter from Smara, reported a new carbonaceous chondrite that had been found close to Smara. Due to its proximity to Smara (7 km), many meteorite hunters visited the area in the summer of 2013.
Physical characteristics: Total mass is estimated about 6 kg, with small and complete pieces between 3 and 10 g, a few medium-sized pieces 10 to 200 g and rare big pieces >200 g. The largest sample is ~900 g. Fresh looking fusion is crust present on many fragments. Some fragments are wind ablated. Some cracks contain secondary, crystalline alteration products. Interior of stones is black and peppered with chondrules.
Petrography: (R. Hewins, MNHNP, L Garvie, ASU). The meteorite contains chondrules and fragments of Types I and II. These include BO-PO, formerly metal-rich, and olivine-pyroxene Type I chondrules. Type II chondrules with forsterite relict grains are present. There are regions packed with chondrule material and coarse PCP, and zones with scattered chondrule material in fine-grained matrix. Chondrule sizes range up to 1.2 mm, though most are around 200 μm. A few CAIs are 800 μm. Powder x-ray diffraction shows a strong 0.7 nm peak for serpentines, a broad but weaker peak around 1.3 nm corresponding to smectites, and a weak broad peak consistent with tochilinite.
Geochemistry: (R. Hewins, MNHNP) Olivine is Fa0.98±0.44 and Fa25-40. Pyroxene is Fs2.6±1.5 and Fs40-61. Rare kamacite with 5.8 wt% Ni is present. (P. Cartigny, IPGP) The oxygen isotopic compositions of two pieces were determined as δ18O 3.811±0.09 and 5.851±0.016, δ17O -2.446±0.040 and -0.601±0.026, respectively. Δ17O values are -4.441 and -3.663, mean -4.052.
Classification: The oxygen isotope compositions, petrography and mineral compositions are all consistent with CM2.

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# JBW-432 #JBW-554 #JBW-577 #JBW-586 About Scale:  Each photo has a small one centimeter cube.  That's a little less than a half inch on a side.  The coin above is a US dime.
Weight: 0.432 gm Weight: 0.554 gm Weight: 0.557 gm Weight: 0.586 gm
FeaturesFragment Features: Fragment with crust Features: Fragment with window Features: Slice of fragment
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#JBW-613 #JBW2-220 #JBW4-700 #JBW8-690 #JBW8-972
Weight: 0.613 gm Weight: 2.220 gm Weight: 4.700 gm Weight: 8.690 gm Weight: 8.972 gm
Features: Fragment with window Features: Fragment, 25% crust Features: Individual, 100%? crust Features: Fragment, 15% crust Features: Fragment, 35% crust
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#JBW9-215 #JBW9-473 #JBW10-238 #JBW10-300 #JBW11-474
Weight: 9.215 gm Weight: 9.473 gm Weight: 10.238 gm Weight: 10.300 gm Weight: 11.474 gm
Features: Individual, 55% crust Features: Individual, 55% crust Features: Fragment, 5% crust Features: Fragment, <10% crust Features: Fragment, 75% crust
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