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Location: Unknown.

Found: 2001

Type: Martian Shergottite (Intermediate Permafic Poikilitic)

Description: Two stones (414 and 383 g) were found in the Atlas mountains (Morocco) in 2001 January and March. The exact location of find is unknown. The meteorite is a cumulate peridotitic rock consisting of olivine (~55 vol%), low and high-Ca pyroxenes (~35 vol%) and plagioclase glass (~8 vol%). Accessory minerals include phosphates (merrillite), chromite and spinels (inclusions in olivines and pyroxenes), sulfides (pyrrhotite), and a glass rich in potassium.The igneous texture is very similar to that of the ALHA77005. Classification and mineralogy (P. Gillet, ENSL,  J.A. Barrat, UAng, M. Bohn, Ifremer): pyroxenes are pigeonite, En78Fs19Wo2-En60Fs26Wo14, and augite, En53Fs16Wo31-En45Fs14Wo41; maskelynite ranges from An57Ab41Or1 to An40Ab57Or3. The key element weight-ratios FeO*/MnO is close to 30 for pigeonite and close to 50 for olivines. Geochemistry: REE pattern similar to that of ALHA77005 but with higher values. (From Meteoritical Bulletin Database.)

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# NWA1950-131 # NWA1950-230 # NWA1950-305 # NWA1950-600 About Scale:  Each photo has a small one centimeter cube.  That's a little less than a half inch on a side.  The coin above is a US dime.
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