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Location: Reportedly from Algeria--purchased from intermediaries in Morocco.

Found: 2005

Classification: Achondrite, Martian Shergottite (Enriched Mafic)

Description: Petrography: A medium-grained (<3.1 mm greatest dimension) basaltic shergottite that consists of ~57.3 vol% augite and pigeonite pyroxenes, and 38.3 vol% plagioclase (present as shock-formed maskelynite and glasses) with minor opaques (2.7 vol%) and phosphates (1.7 vol%) arranged in a weakly foliated subophitic to granular texture. Accessory phases include ulvöspinel, ilmenite, chlorapatite, merrillite, pyrrhotite, Si-Al-Na-K-rich glasses, and baddeleyite. Vesicular black glass veins (<3 mm in width) and pockets (up to 6 mm) are prominent. Geochemistry: Pigeonite (Fs35.2-57.6Wo12.6-16.5; and augite (Fs27.2-41.5 Wo30.8-35.2) show mottled compositional zoning. Fe-rich margins of pigeonite contain very thin (0.2-0.5 µm) orthopyroxene exsolution lamellae. Maskelynite is compositionally homogeneous An55Or1.8 in contrast to mesostasis maskelynite (An48-60Or9.2) and glasses. Melt inclusions (15-60 µm, longest dimension) in ulvöspinel have rims of Fe-rich pigeonite (Fs73.5Wo5.8), merrillite, and pyrrhotite; cores are Si-Al-K-Na-rich glass. Bulk composition: Calculated average bulk composition based on analyzed phases and their modes of three melt inclusions is: SiO2 = 70.2, Al2O3 = 8.5, TiO2 = 0.8, FeO = 2.1, MnO = 0.2, MgO = 2.35, CaO = 3.5, Na2O = 0.95, K2O = 2. 1, and P2O5 = 2.8 (all wt%) with trace amounts of NiO, CoO, and S. One melt inclusion contains only fayalite (Fa84) mantled around a core of glass (K2O = 6.4, SiO2 = 78; both wt%). From Meteoritical Bulletin Database.

Note: Paired to NWA 2986, NWA 4766, NWA 4783 and perhaps others. Numerous parcels of this meteorite have been sold in Morocco. I don't expect that every parcel will get its own number. Most likely it will be known as NWA 2975 since that is the number associated with the best description. The meteorites listed on this page are paired to these and to NWA 2975.

Link to NASA Mars Meteorite Compendium article on NWA 2975 and pairs.

Link to Dr. Anthony Irving's Martain Meteorite Page

Link to Meteoritical Bulletin Database.

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#NWA2975-290 #NWA2975-780 #NWA2975-998 #NWA2975-1-395 About Scale:  Each photo has a small one centimeter cube.  That's a little less than a half inch on a side.  The coin above is a US dime.
Weight: .0.290 gm Weight: .0.780 gm Weight: 0.998 gm Weight: 1.395 gm
Features: Slice of fragment Features: Slice of fragment Features: Part slice Features: Slice of fragment
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#NWA2975-1-395 #NWA2975-1-421 #NWA2975-1-668 #NWA2975-1-701 #NWA2975-1-745
Weight: 1.395 gm Weight: 1.421 gm Weight: 1.668gm Weight: 1.701gm Weight: 1.745gm
Features: Slice of fragment Features: Slice of fragment Features: Slice Features: Slice Features: Slice
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#NWA2975-1-904 #NWA2975-2-157 #NWA2975-2-224 # NWA2975-2-286 # NWA2975-2-508
Weight: 1.904 gm Weight: 2.157 gm Weight: 2.224 gm Weight: 2.286 gm Weight: 2.508 gm
Features: Individual, 90% crust Features: Slice of fragment Features: Individual, 85% crust Features: Individual, 90% crust Features: Individual, 75% crust
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#NWA2975-2-511 # NWA2975-2-934 #NWA2975-2-975 #NWA2975-2-981 #NWA2975-3-004
Weight: 2.511 gm Weight: 2.934 gm Weight: 2.975 gm Weight: 2.981 gm Weight: 3.004 gm
Features: Slice of fragment Features: Individual, 90% crust Features: Slice of fragment Features: Slice of fragment Features: Slice
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#NWA2975-3-080 #NWA2975-3-903 #NWA2975-4-178 #NWA2975-4-198 #NWA2975-4-678
Weight: 3.080 gm Weight: 3.903 gm Weight: 4.178 gm Weight: 4.198 gm Weight: 4.678 gm
Features: Individual, 75% crust Features: Individual, 80% crust Features: Individual, 50% crust Features: End of fragment 10% crust Features: Individual, 55% crust
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Weight: 7.418 gm
Features: Individual, 80% crust