Cape York (Agpalilic) Meteorite for Sale

Location: Agpalilik Peninsula, 125, km Southeast of Thule and 15, km North of the Savigsivik settlement, Melville Bay, Northwest Greenland.

Type: Structural: Medium Octahedrite (Om), Chemical: Group IIIAB

Found: 1894.

Total weight: Estimated 15 tons. Still not fully excavated. Dimensions: about 210 X 200 X 125 cm.

Description: Circumstances of the fall or discovery: The meteorite was discovered by Dr. Vagn Buchwald  (Copenhagen, Denmark), during a study of the loc­ality where the Greenland meteorites were previously discovered. It was 6 km to the west of the point where the two known specimens «Woman» and  «Dog» were found and is undoubtedly a part of the Cape York me­teorite shower. The meteorite lay on an ice-free slope 500 m from the shore and was partly covered with gneiss boulders. There was no crater and no crushing of rocks discovered. The meteorite has temporarily been left where disco­vered. The specimen found is the sixth from the Cape York me­teorite shower. Dr. Vagn Buchwald has drawn up a summary of precise data on all the known specimens as of September 1963.






1. Ahnighito

31 tons


Meteorite Island

76°04'N - 64°58'W

2. Woman

3 tons



76°09'N - 64°56'W

3. Dog

400 kg



76°09'N - 64°56'W

4. Savik I

3.4 tons



76°08'N - 64°36'W

5. Savik II

7.8 kg



76°08'N - 64°36'W

6. Agpalilik

about 15 tons



76°09'N - 65°10'W

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