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Location: Lone Island Lake, Manitoba (50° 0' 34"N, 95° 23' 7"W)

Found: 2005

Classification: Coarse Octahedrite, IAB-sLL Iron.

Description: History: The meteorite was found on a gravel bar of the Whiteshell River just before it empties into Lone Island Lake, in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.
Physical characteristics: (S. Kissin, LHU) Consists of 14 pieces weighing 4.8 kg. The exterior is smooth and highly weathered with rusty areas occuring along cracks. The interior displays pervasive oxidation.
Petrography: (S. Kissin, LHU) Cut and polished surfaces display three prominent lamellae directions at ~60° intersection angles. There is also a fourth direction present as large, irregular kamacite patches. Average kamacite bandwidth is 1.16±0.28 mm (n=15). Kamacite lamellae are polygonalized with a l:w ratio of 15:1 and have developed secondary fracturing in areas of intense oxidation. Neumann bands are present but somewhat obscured by oxidation. Taenite lamellae are narrow and often well preserved. Rhabdites are present within the kamacite, but are not abundant as they seem to have been destroyed by oxidation in some areas. No troilite found.
Geochemistry: (S. Kissin, LHU) Ni=76.2, Co=4.25 (both mg/g); As=15.9, Au=1.77, Cr=71, Cu=142, Ga=80, Ge=400, Ir=1.84, Pt=9.3, Sb=0.29, W=0.81 (all μg/g); Re=170 (ng/g). Obtained by neutron activation analyses.
Classification: (S. Kissin, LHU) Iron meteorite (IAB-sLL), medium octahedrite near the upper limit of this structural classification.

This meteorite has been legally exported from Canada.

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# LIM-6 # LIM-61 #LIM-7 # LIM1-0 About Scale:  Each photo has a small one centimeter cube.  That's a little less than a half inch on a side.  The coin above is a US dime.
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