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Location: Reportedly Found in southern Morocco (28°00.148'N   11°07.895'W).

Found: 2001, April (NWA 1068), NWA 1110 purchased November 2001

Classification: Martian meteorite (basaltic shergottite)

Description: (NWA 1068) In 2001 April, meteorite hunters of the local team of "La Mémoire de la Terre" recovered 23 stones (one large mass, 522 g, and 22 small fragments, <20 g; total known mass, 576.77 g) in the Moroccan Sahara. Rocks are greenish-brown and partially coated by desert varnish; no fusion crust; cracks filled with terrestrial calcium carbonate. Thin shock veins and small melt pockets are abundant. Classification, mineralogy and bulk chemistry: consists of olivine (50 µm to 2 mm) in a fine-grained groundmass (average grain size ~100 µm) of euhedral to subhedral pyroxene crystals and interstitial maskelynite; minor phases are chromite, Ti-chromite, ilmenite, ulvöspinel, sulfides, merrillite, apatite, and a K-rich mesostasis; impact melt pockets (up to 1.5 mm long) contain pyrrhotite spherules. Modal abundances of impact melt pockets and calcite free areas: 52 vol% pyroxenes, 22% maskelynite, 21% olivine, 2% phosphates, 2% opaque oxides and sulfides, and 1% K-rich mesostasis. Mineralogy: olivine (Fa28 to Fa58); pyroxenes: pigeonite (En57Wo5Fs28 to En40Wo13Fs47; fe# (100 Fe/(Fe + Mg) = 29–54 atom%) and augite (En55Wo21Fs24 to En35Wo28Fs36; fe# = 29–51 atom%) are present as separate crystals in roughly equal volume proportions; maskelynite is zoned (An53Ab45Or2 to An49Ab48Or3) but is locally An-poor (An35Ab57Or8); FeO-rich merrillite (FeO 1.3 and 2.8 wt%); apatites, Cl 0.5–2.5 wt% and F 1.1–6.4 wt%; chromite have Ti-rich rims; ulvöspinels contain fine ilmenite lamellae (<1 µm thick). An interstitial K-rich component, probably a shock-produced glass of alkali feldspar and silica, is generally associated with Fe-Ti oxides. Bulk chemistry: Al-poor ferroan basaltic rock, rich in MgO with major element abundances similar to those reported for EETA79001 lithology A.  Key element weight ratios are Fe/Mn = 45, Al/Ti = 6.6, Na/Ti = 1.83, and Na/Al = 0.28.  REE pattern is similar to Shergotty, Zagami, and Los Angeles.

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