NWA 1068/1110 Martain Basalt Meteorites for Sale

Location: Morocco (precise location known, but not reported)

TKW: 577g (NWA 1068 Met Bul No. 86) plus 118g (NWA 1110 Met Bul No. 86) plus other.

Found: 2001, April (NWA 1068), NWA 1110 purchased November 2001

Type: Martian meteorite (basaltic shergottite)

Description: (NWA 1068) Rocks are greenish brown and partially coated by desert Varnish; no fusion crust; cracks filled with terrestrial calcium carbonate, Thin sock veins and small melt pockets are abundant. Classification, mineralogy and bulk chemistry: consists of olivine in a fine grained groundmass of euhedral to subhedral pyroxene crystals and interstitial maskelynite; minor phases of chromite, Ti-chromite, ilmenite, ulvospinel, sulfides, merrillite, apatite, and K rich mesostasis; impact melt pockets (up to 1.5mm ling) contain pyrrhotite spherules. Modal abundances of impact melts pockets and calcite free areas: 52% volume pyroxenes, 22% Maskelynite, 21% olivine, 2% phosphates, 2% opaque oxides and sulfides, and 1%k-rich mesostasis. For remainder of description see Meteoritical Bulletin 86 and David Weir's web page. NWA 1110 is similar and thought to be paired. The specimens on this page are from the same meteorite as NWA 1068 and NWA 1110.

Click on the photo to see a larger photo. Grid is in millimeters.

# NWA1068-234 # NWA1068-800 # NWA1068-6-7
Weight: .234 gm Weight: .800 gm Weight: 6.7 gm
Features: Part slice. Features: Part slice. Features: End.
Price: sold Price: sold Price: sold

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