For Sale IconNWA 6910 L3.4 Chondrite Meteorites for Sale

Location: Northwest Africa, exact location unknown.

Found: Purchased 2009.

Type: L3.4 Unequilibrated Chondrite

Description: Well formed, fairly large, closely packed chondrules in a very dark matrix containing a moderate amount of metal.  Olivine (Fa0.4-39.2; Cr2O3 in ferroan olivine = 0.02-0.33 wt.%, mean 0.12 wt.%, s.d. 0.12, N=9), orthopyroxene (Fs1.2-7.4Wo0.5-0.6), augite (Fs6.4Wo36.1), subcalcic augite (Fs21.0Wo29.5), sodic plagioclase, chromite, partly altered kamacite, troilite and taenite. Shock stage S2, Weathering grade W1. (Classification and petrographic description by A.J. Irving.) One 390.3g individual partially covered with black fusion crust.

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# NWA6910-5-7 # NWA6910-8-7 #NWA6910-9-2 # NWA6910-11-1 About Scale:  Each photo has a small one centimeter cube.  That's a little less than a half inch on a side.  The coin above is a US dime.
Weight: 5.7 gm Weight: 8.7 gm Weight: 9.2 gm Weight: 11.1 gm
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# NWA6910-14-4 # NWA6910-14-7 #NWA6910-18-6
Weight: 14.4 gm Weight: 14.7 gm Weight: 18.6 gm
FeaturesSlice. Features: Slice. Features: Slice.
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